COVID-19 Vaccine Information


Appointments for the week of January 25th are now full.
Please check back on this page next Saturday at 5PM for information about any available doses for the week of February 1st.

If you attempted to book an appointment and were unsuccessful in booking one for this week, please try again next week.  Appointments are only confirmed when you receive a confirmation email.
**Special message sent on January 16th announcing future scheduling of vaccine appointments.**

It is going to take MANY WEEKS to get everyone in the 70 and above group and educators vaccinated. Only a very small percentage of you will be able to be vaccinated every week.


The individuals on our waiting list received an email announcing the available doses this week. This email will not be sent out every week. Going forward, our new process will be to post the available weekly doses on our website every Saturday at 5PM at


I think all of the waitlists throughout the city and state were built with good intentions; however, the numbers quickly became impossible to manage and the majority of individuals have signed up for lists at multiple locations...adding an additional challenge to the mix. Remember, we're not perfect and are trying to make the process better every day.


So we are regrouping to ensure a fair and manageable way of offering our doses to the appropriate groups. All of that to say is that this process is new and evolving, we're trying to do our best to take care of as many of you as possible and we'll keep busting our rears until we help stomp out this virus. If we could snap our fingers and get everyone vaccinated tomorrow, we's just not possible. So until supply increases, we're going to keep on keeping on. Thanks for you kind words and prayers. We all are going to need them for the next 6-8 months!


**Anyone who attempts to register that does not meet the criteria of the Tier 1A (healthcare workers, police and fire) or Tier 1B (70 and older and educators) will have their appointment cancelled.**
Vaccinations are scheduled by appointment only.  We are currently only vaccination Tier 1A - Healthcare Workers, Police and Firemen.  Tier 1B - 70 and older and educators will begin Monday, January 18th.  **Younger individuals with pre-existing conditions are not in the current tier. Appointments are not transferable to other individuals.**
Kavanaugh Pharmacy has established a special vaccination center specifically for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccinations.  The Center is located at 5705 Kavanaugh Blvd, just a few blocks west of Kavanaugh Pharmacy.
Key Facts About the Covid Vaccine
  • Governor Hutchinson announced that Arkansans aged 70 and older and educators will be able to begin receiving their COVID-19 vaccine on Monday, January 18, 2021.
  • We have discontinued our waiting list in lieu of a weekly announcement of available doses of vaccine.  
  • You can check this webpage at 5PM on Saturday afternoon to see the available appointment spots for the next week.
  • Individuals will be verified to ensure that they meet the current Department of Health classification.
  • Our staff is working very hard to accommodate people as quickly as possible, however, we are limited by the amount of doses that we get from week to week.  
  • Please do not call ask about the waitlist.  Information will be updated on this page and on Facebook.

**Please note that this process will take a number of weeks to work through these individuals, so please be patient as we work through this group.**
We will provide updates on this page and our Facebook page as additional information becomes available.
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